How We Work With You

What we need from you

On receipt of your call or email, we will look to confirm with you the following:

  1. Your full collection address.
  2. When the goods are ready for collection.
  3. What the goods are to be collected.
  4. Their size, dimensions, and [approximate] weight.
  5. How they are packed/protected, if at all.
  6. The full delivery address and a contact name, a contact number, opening times, plus any known parking restrictions.
  7. When the goods need to be delivered by.
  8. Any special instructions.
  9. A confirmation email and acceptance of our quote.
  10. Email address to send the invoice to.
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Bespoke Fragile Light Shades

What we can do for you.

On acceptance of the job, we can help and advice on the following.

  1. Packing and protection of the goods. We do not pack any goods, but we can protect and secure items in their original state, like the bonnet on the left, (before & after) protected and secured.
  2. If pre-booking, we can accept your own paperwork (delivery note) via email and send it back to you immediately once delivered.
  3. If there are multiple items, then we will handball them off the van.
  4. We can deliver person-to-person (usually legal documents).
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Car Bonnet

What we can’t do for you.

  1. We can’t transport live animals.
  2. We can’t take you, the customer, with us in the van.
  3. We only deliver to a ground floor, we do not carry goods upstairs or use lifts.
  4. Although the maximum safe handling weight is 25kg, we won’t lift and carry any individual item over 20kg. Items 21kg+ we deem as a two-man lift. If you have multiple items to be collected and delivered which are all individually over 20kg, then these require securing on a pallet.
  5. We cannot carry ADR goods, which is the transportation of Dangerous goods, Hazardous materials or Substances as defined by the Department of Transport.
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Computer Equipment