Fragile and Bespoke goods Courier Delivery

Clean & Dry Courier Delivery

Fragile and Bespoke goods, delivered on a Same Day, Next Day or Nominated Day courier service.

Fragile items, such as lightweight bespoke joinery, metalwork and even glass items, are goods that can’t cope with being handled multiple times.

Due to the fragile nature of some goods, they don’t suit being sent through National hub & spoke carriers like TNT, FedEx, DX or Parcelforce.  Within these systems, your goods will be loaded and unloaded at least 8 times from the point of collection to their final destination!

Fragile goods can be light, making them even more vulnerable when mixed with other, more heavier items, so a more dedicated courier delivery service is far more suitable.

However, fragile goods aren’t just made of weak materials that can be damaged easily in transit, they can be also quite strong and resilient, but have a very delicate finish, like powder coating or highly polished items, which both, along with other vulnerable finishes, require protecting usually far greater than what most customers send them out in, so I always ensure I protect every item specifically to what I know and understand the goods to be.

Clean & Dry Courier Delivery

Are your fragile goods insured, fully?

Many fragile and bespoke goods will comfortably fall inside the Prohibited & Restricted Items list that all hub & spoke National carriers like DX, TNT, FedEx or Parcelforce have in their carriage of goods terms & conditions, which nobody reads!

As such, your goods at cost could be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds, but you’ll only be insured with some carriers for £25 per consignment, unless you purchase extra insurance cover!

I have Goods in Transit insurance cover of £50k, with very few restricted items compared to a National carrier, so it makes far more sense, when sending such fragile, bespoke or expensive goods out for delivery, that you use a more dedicated courier.

I have experience in collecting and delivering all manner of fragile and bespoke goods, including glass, which can be seen in my gallery.

All fragile and bespoke items are secured safely using a range of ratchet straps, blankets, foam blocks and even restraining bars if required, ensuring a damage free delivery.

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Fragile goods
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